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Across many different industries WebIQ has proven to be both a versatile and reliable platform for multi-user responsive web HMI systems. Scaling from a few to several million process variables, WebIQ is suited for almost any system that brings together modern software and great user experience, modern and very customizable design and great extensibility using custom code and open-source libraries.

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Pioneer Process Control: A Unique Modern And Responsive Web HMI

The next generation user interface for plastics manufacturing features a unique well-structured and user-centered design

iNOEX – The Future Of Extrusion

iNOEX stands for the highest quality and efficiency in extrusion. For this purpose, iNOEX offers various modules from gravimetric dosing to various methods for wall thickness measurement to complete systems with automatic dimensional change.

Fecken-Kirfel: HMI Optimization with WebIQ

Fecken-Kirfel, the pioneers of cutting technology for flexible foam, compact plastics, hard foam and cork, have taken on a new challenge. The reliability and cost-effectiveness of the machines are undisputed, but the appearance and functionality of the HMIs used no longer fulfilled the company’s requirements. And so the HMI of the cutting machines came into focus.

HMI For The Next Generation Tram

Stadler Pankow GmbH (STADLER) is a leading supplier of rail vehicles, with a focus on regional trains, trams and tailor-made carriages. With the help of WebIQ Stadler has developed a digital driver dashboard for the next generation of tram, metro and subway trains.

More Comfort Thanks To WEBSeason

Weiss Technik develops and builds testing systems which can simulate all climatic conditions around the globe and beyond. Weiss needed an HMI for its systems that can display the tests both on-site and remotely – the solution was a web-based HMI with WebIQ.

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In many different industries WebIQ has proven to be a reliable and performant HMI system that empowers companies to create powerful and user-friendly HMIs allowing for a custom design that is easily distinguishable from the competition.

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