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The Web HMI / SCADA Toolbox

WebIQ is the first 100% web based industrial HMI / SCADA toolbox from web HMI expert Smart HMI, which works like a CMS (Content Management System).

WebIQ allows the effortless creation of industrial web HMIs, web apps and dashboard apps without web programming knowledge. Connect your process via OPC UA. Create your solution visually with pre-defined widgets by using drag&drop. Configure access rights, alarms, historical data or recipes. Run your HMI in any web browser on a PC, touch panel or smart device, such as a tablet or a smartphone.

WebIQ Creates In A Smarter Way…

Outstanding Web HMIs for ctrlX AUTOMATION from Bosch Rexroth

Powerful HMIs And Apps Created With WebIQ

WebIQ Combines Individuality With The Flexibility Of A Standard Tool

With WebIQ we have developed a toolbox with built-in SCADA functionality and predefined widgets which allows anyone to create intuitive and appealing web-based HMIs, industrial apps and dashboards.

Tailored widgets and graphical design according to your CI are of course also possible. If you have normal web programming skills you can easily customize existing widgets, develop your own widgets, integrate widgets from other frameworks or create your own CSS theme.

If desired we can help you customize your HMI or app to your individual needs. Together with our designers and developers we extend WebIQ specifically to make your HMI or app unique in the market.

Your Benefits With WebIQ

Working With The WebIQ Designer

Fully Drag & Drop WYSIWYG Editing – Reduce Development Costs

No programming knowledge required: with WebIQ you drag&drop and configure your HMIs or apps instead of programming them. Create your screens easily with 100% WYSIWYG directly inside a web browser view. Reduce your development costs and time significantly for your future HMIs and apps.

And for special requirements you can create local scripts or custom design classes in the fully integrated script editor.

Your HMI Quick-Start: More Than 50+ Widgets Already Included

WebIQ offers more than 50 standard widgets. Included are general UI controls such as buttons, selection boxes etc. but also more advanced gauges and value displays. Even very sophisticated widgets such as an alarm list, a trend display and a recipe editor are part of the toolbox by default. Many widgets are even available in different versions. This is cost efficiency and a short time-to-market.

If you need more you can easily extend WebIQ with your individual widgets. Combine standard widgets into composite widgets and build up your own widget library. Integrate self developed widgets or widgets from other frameworks such as Chart.js, jQuery and three.js. 

Responsive Design: HMI adapts automatically to different display size

Create Professional Fully-Responsive Industrial HMIs and Apps

Design once, run everywhere: WebIQ enables resolution-independent layout and responsive design without web know-how. You can run your HMI or app on different devices and display formats – whether on your touch-panel, PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Online Data Delivery In Real-Time

WebIQ provides standard interfaces like OPC UA as well as individual communication protocols. This enables you to display process data or status information online within your Web HMIs or apps, nearly in real-time.

WebIQ is based on an edge-server architecture and connects the world of automation to any web client or cloud service. This makes it ideal for I4.0 and IIoT applications.

WebIQ is Scalable, Open and Platform-Independent

Web technology is a mature, independent and future-proof standard which is open and extendable. Your HMIs made with WebIQ can smoothly adapt to new technologies because they benefit from the rapid development cycle of web technology.

If you want to you can also easily integrate open source libraries like Chart.js, jQuery, Paho MQTT, three.js, etc. to use them in your HMIs and apps. For the most popular libraries we also provide ready-made packages to download and install in WebIQ Designer.

Experience WebIQ Now

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Interested? Sign Up And Experience WebIQ

Sign up for the online customer area. There you can download the free version of the SCADA / HMI Toolbox WebIQ, try out other online demos, watch video tutorials and read the online documentation. You will also find support access as well as your licenses.

Software Versions

Free Version

Runtime License

Developer License




Per Installation / MachinePer Developer
Runtime (Server)WebIQ Connect for Windows, Linux or Raspberry PiWebIQ Connect for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi or as Docker ContainerWebIQ Connect for Windows
Development EnvironmentWebIQ Designer for WindowsWebIQ Designer for Windows
Supplied WidgetsMore than 40 Standard WidgetsMore than 40 Standard WidgetsMore than 40 Standard Widgets
Data Sources
Maximum number of connections to data sources, such as PLC, etc. (IO-Handler)
Max. 1 (OPC UA)Depending on licenseUnlimited
Process Variables
Maximum number of process variables (tags/items) that can be displayed with the HMI Toolbox WebIQ
Max. 30Depending on licenseUnlimited
Client Connections
Maximum number of client connections (browser windows) that can be displayed simultaneously
Max. 1Depending on licenseUnlimited
Runtime ExpirationNeverNeverAfter 1 Year
Ask for our discounts if you need more than one runtime license.

Technical FAQ

Web HMIs or web apps are applications that are provided via a local server or via the cloud and accessed by the browser of any end device. The WebIQ application server (WebIQ Connect) provides all functions for Web HMIs and web apps, e.g. the data connection to the process, the storage and evaluation of the data, … All persistent data,  ‘historical alarms’, ‘historic process values’ etc. are stored in an integrated SQLite database. The HMI is displayed by a HTML5-capable browser or device either locally, in a local network or over the internet. The key benefits of using the Web HMI / web app technology are:

  • Runs on all operating systems and Internet-enabled or web-equipped end-devices
  • Efficient, running in the browser or download as app
  • Easy software upgrades via a central application server

All web HMIs and apps created with WebIQ are single-page web applications (single-page application, SPA for short).

A single-page web application is a web app whose contents are reloaded dynamically and contextually. This modern web architecture enables complex multi-page HMIs / apps with high performance interaction (e.g., when switching to another page or displaying a dialog) and dynamically generated menu structures. In contrast to conventional websites, SPAs also store the application status in the Web client. This enables applications with a large number of content pages and areas similar in design to established desktop apps.

In addition to WebIQ, many well-known web frameworks are based on SPA architecture, e.g. Angular, React, Knockout, Vue and many more.

The WebIQ Server (WebIQ Connect) is written in the C++ programming language and is portable to various operating systems. Besides the standard Windows distribution the server is also available for Linux systems.

Due to its small size WebIQ can also be used on small devices such as the Raspberry Pi and similar ARM systems etc.

For any cross-platform application or Linux distributions not downloadable yet please contact our sales department for custom build versions.

The integrated code editor can be used to write custom JavaScript programs as well as CSS classes for specific design adaptations. Using the so-called LocalScript control, JavaScript programs can be executed in the context of the HMI.

For web developers it is also possible to edit and test the projects created with WebIQ with an editor or a development IDE and then re-edit them with WebIQ Designer.

WebIQ has a built-in package manager that allows you to add or update your own custom extensions to an HMI project. These packages can contain the following:

  • Custom template applications (starter apps)
  • Custom themes / responsive designs
  • Custom Controls (widgets) and libraries (JavaScript, Icons, …..)
  • LocalScripts (JavaScript program logic)

Package management includes built-in versioning so that updated packages can be detected and the affected Web HMI projects updated.

All data to be persisted, such as ‘historical alarms’, ‘historical process values’, ‘recipes’, ‘job lists’ etc. are stored in the integrated SQLite database and are transparent to use by external data access tools (e.g. ODBC driver, node.js,etc). For alarms and historical process data, the lifetime of the storage can be selected so that the required storage space is scalable.

Using a standard SQLite ODBC driver you can easily access historic data from the WebIQ database and import it into other databases like MySQL.

Alarm Management

  • Unlimited alarm definitions and messages
  • Alarm conditions and limits
  • Acknowledge, comes/ goes timestamps
  • Context values and attributes


  • Unlimited PLC Handler/ OPC-UA clients *
  • Unlimited process items *
  • Unlimited concurrent clients *

* depends on hardware and license

Engineering Tool WebIQ Designer

  • Drag & drop layout editor
  • Configuration of PLC handlers (OPC-UA clients), alarms, data-recorder,…
  • Integrated package handler for custom widgets, designs, scripts,…
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32 and 64 bit)

Runtime (Server) WebIQ Connect

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32 & 64 bit)
  • Linux (glibc >=2.20 (32 & 64 bit))
  • Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Linux)
  • Available as Docker Container
  • Supports industry-grade TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3 encryption

Recorder & Trends

  • Unlimited data recorders
  • Define recording intervals, aggregates, thresholds, lifetime
  • Trend display, display live trend, historic trend, zoom and pan by gestures

Users Groups & Access Rights

  • Defining users and user groups
  • Defining access groups for items
  • Password validity, per-user auto-logout, per-user locale


  • Unlimited number of localizations (languages)
  • Import/ export language files as JSON & CSV
  • Support of UTF-8 international character set
  • Online unit conversion

Code Editing

  • Edit and integrate local scripts (JavaScript)
  • Edit and integrate CSS Code
  • Integrated editor with code highlighting and syntax check


  • Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste
  • Style and configuration editor
  • Built-in preview
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)


  • Import & Export as ZIP-Datei
  • Import versioned packages
  • Full source code available in app

Data base

  • Integrated SQLite database engine
  • Stores thousands of process items per second **, more than 1 billion datasets per recorder
  • Access with external interfaces and tools like ODBC, SQLite API, etc.

** depends on the hardware

Protocols and extensions

  • Integrated web server with HTTP/ HTTPS protocols
  • WebSocket server (ws/wss)
  • Extensive API to access all server functions using web sockets
  • Server extension e.g. by a Node.js application