WebIQ – Your Web HMI / SCADA System

WebIQ is the 100% web technology based web HMI system with extensive design features to create breathtaking professional and performant web HMIs that allows you to distinguish your HMI from the competition. Created from the ground up with open web technologies (OPC-UA, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) WebIQ is proud to state that it is legacy-free and fully supports responsive layouts so that your HMI works smoothly on both the machine as well as a tablet or smartphone.

Smart HMI is the developer of WebIQ and in addition to providing WebIQ offers full support even up to complete HMI layouts and custom widgets.
We don’t leave you alone!

6 Good Reasons for WebIQ

Completely built on the open standards HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, WebIQ is not only a solid and open platform, but also allows you to create your own custom widgets and libraries easily.

No browser plugins, just plain open web standards in your HMI. And yes, it even works on your smartphone and tablet!

WebIQ is a legacy-free system which means that we’ve always built on top of web technologies. Even our engineering tool WebIQ Designer utilizes web technologies.

Whether it’s the display directly on the machine or a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone – a WebIQ HMI is built with responsive design from the beginning.

Have your HMI adapting smoothly to different displays – and even when you’re only turning your tablet from landscape to portrait mode: this is the benefit of web technologies that have built-in support for responsive design.

WebIQ Designer allows you to create your own HMI with a simple drag & drop interface. Then configure the widget by connecting a PLC item, add some styling so that it fits your corporate CI and you’re done.

You can also create Composite Widgets which can be used over and over again in your HMI or save certain parts as a widget template to re-use it multiple times in your HMI. You can also export parts of one HMI and import it in another HMI.

But then again – you still have the option to write your own JavaScript and CSS code and create your own widgets for the ultimate flexibility if you want. But most of the time you simply don’t have to.

Though we’re always available for custom HMI and widget development and support, you’re not dependent on us for any custom widgets and new HMI features you require. A custom WebIQ widget only consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and nothing else – and there’s plenty of resources available online to get you started with web technologies – and we’re also happy to support you if desired.

With our extensive documentation available in the customer area and freely available information on web development on the internet there’s a lot of freedom for you to enjoy.

You can integrate open-source libraries and frameworks easily and profit from utilizing these instead of reinventing the wheel.

With its continuous improvement with multiple releases per year new features are added and errors are fixed regularly.

A  short time-to-market is ensured by employing agile processes in software development (Scrum) – that way we can react quickly to changing requirements and implement new features in a short time.

In addition customer input is encouraged and often suggestions and feedback by customers are implemented quickly.

As an edge-based system WebIQ can also become a data hub for a cloud system – or employed directly in the cloud if desired.

As WebIQ is fully built with web technologies and open standards, there are no limits on where the WebIQ Runtime can reside around the globe as data can be routed by standard network technologies (TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS with TLS).

Info: This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (http://www.openssl.org/)

Just See For Yourself…

We have made available several web HMIs built with WebIQ directly on the internet delivered by the powerful WebIQ Runtime.
Just see for yourself what’s possible right in your browser by opening one of the online demos below. Even more online demos are available after signing up.

This demo shows many WebIQ widgets in action like a trend display, gauges, input fields, dialogs and also features the inclusion of the open-source library “Chart.js” for the “Error Categories” and “Complaints” bar and pie charts.

After signing up for free you can download this and many other WebIQ demo apps and the WebIQ Widget utilizing Chart.js for free.

The Chart Demo illustrates the usage of the open-source Chart.js library we have used to create a custom WebIQ widget utilizing this library. This allows you to embed charts easily and connect them to variables from your PLC or any other datasource connected to WebIQ.

After signing up for free you can download this and many other WebIQ demo apps and the WebIQ Widget utilizing Chart.js for free.

The Alarm Demo demonstrates the WebIQ alarm system and allows you to trigger alarms in one of the states information, warning and alarm. A requirement for a manual acknowledgement of alarms can also be configured in WebIQ and historical alarms can be viewed.

After signing up for free you can download this and many other WebIQ demo apps for free.

OpenBridge is a nautical framework built with HTML5 web components. This demo illustrates the simple embedding of the OpenBridge library by creating custom WebIQ widgets on top of the OpenBridge widgets that simply connect WebIQ to those widgets allowing you to connect process variables from the PLC to change the behavior of those components.

After signing up for free you can download this and many other WebIQ demo apps for free.

Case Studies

See what our customers have created with WebIQ and enjoy an HMI system that is so much adaptable designwise that if you wouldn’t know it’s been made with WebIQ you’d probably not notice it. Distinguish yourself from your competition with WebIQ and offer a unique design that reflects your corporate identity and allows your customers to clearly recognize your system as quite distinct from the masses.


A dynamically generated Web HMI for all possible configurations and the ability to configure the HMI without web know-how in WebIQ Designer.


The next generation user interface for plastics manufacturing with a strong focus on user experience and simplification and modernization of the legacy HMI design with added modularity to enable reusing by other business segments.


Fecken-Kirfel requested Smart HMI in the development of a trend-setting, graphically high-quality Web HMI.

Our Services – We’re Ready to Support You!

Smart HMI is the developer of the web HMI system WebIQ and as such we have probably the most experience in using WebIQ. As we have created HMIs for our customers as well as supported them there’s no better support available for WebIQ then directly from the makers. See what we have in store:


Getting you up and running quickly


Get basic technical and design training and basic support


Extensive training and support


Technical, design and layouting training and more support

Made to Order

We create the HMI for you

Made to Order

This is where we essentially
can do everything for your
HMI project

Why WebIQ?

Trusted by some of the biggest brands…

With its 10 years of experience in the web HMI business, Smart HMI has proven to be both a reliable partner and a company that really listens to its customers.

Technical Details – We Love To Be Open!

As a web HMI system, WebIQ is based on the WebIQ Runtime which acts both as a webserver for the webbrowser and as a client for the OPC-UA server that passes through the process variables to the HMI in the browser. Therefore you can have an unlimited amount of concurrent client connections (depending on the license) in different browser windows even in completely different locations around the globe – all thanks to web technology.

WebIQ is available on these platforms – WebIQ Designer is the engineering tool offering WYSIWYG editing without programming knowledge for creating your HMI and is currently available for Windows only.

Windows (x86/x64)Linux (x86/x64)Raspberry Pi*DockerLinux (ARM)**
32 Bit
64 Bit
WebIQ Runtime
WebIQ Designer

* Only Raspberry Pi OS is officially supported. When using Raspberry Pi also for the display of the HMI at least 2 GB of RAM is required.
** As ARM is only a processor platform it cannot be officially supported on all systems and depends on a number of factors. You can try using the Raspberry Pi versions – if you are unable to get them working on your ARM system please feel free to contact us for help!

Proprietary protocols are not our thing – therefore we fully focus on open standards allowing for flexibility and preventing vendor lock-in.

OPC-UAItems, Methods, Timestamps
ModbusVia separate freely downloadable gateway
MQTTVia separate freely downloadable gateway
Other protocolsVia a custom gateway or a custom IO Handler created by you or on request by us 

Robust, modern and open technologies ensure future-proof investments and independence from the vendor.

  • 100% web technology (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript)

  • Legacy-free (built from the ground up with web technologies)

  • Integrate open-source and commercial JavaScript and CSS libraries easily

  • Create your own widgets using web technology

  • Connect custom non-OPC-UA datasources via a custom IO Handler

  • Essentially… you’re not dependent on us but can create your own libraries and widgets!

Pricing & Licensing

WebIQ offers two types of licenses: licenses for the runtime system (WebIQ Runtime) and licenses for the development system (WebIQ Designer) which are licensed differently.

WebIQ Designer TrialWebIQ DesignerWebIQ Runtime
Pricing Modelfree 30 day evaluation*yearly subscriptionone-time fee
License Modelhardware-bound licensefloating license**hardware-bound license
Widgets included50+50+50+
Data Sources
Maximum number of connections to data sources, such as PLC, etc. (IO-Handler)
depending on license

Maximum number of process variables (tags/items) that can utilized in an HMI.

depending on license
Client Connections

Maximum number of concurrent client connections (browser windows) that can be displayed simultaneously

******depending on license
License Expiration30 days*until subscription cancellationnever

* can be extended upon request
** requires permanent internet connection, but license can be checked out for offline use for up to 30 days. Floating licenses can be used on an unlimited number of systems, but not at the same time.
*** connection will be terminated after one hour, but can be reloaded immediately

Experience WebIQ For Yourself

With our free unlimited 30-day trial you can simply create your own HMIs easily. Sign up now for free and download your copy of WebIQ – you’ll also get access to all of our documentation and examples in our customer area.