Services From the HMI Professionals

With WebIQ we provide an innovative Web HMI / SCADA toolbox that allows you to create intuitive and appealing web-based HMIs, industrial apps and dashboards. In addition, we also offer comprehensive support in consulting, interaction and graphical design, as well as implementation of your solution, all from one source.

Our experienced UX designers and HMI developers will help you, no matter if you are looking for a specialist, facing technical challenges, or lacking development resources.

Our services range from a single consultation day to a turn-key HMI or app. The services are tailored to your needs. Get free advice.

Our Services For Your Support

Get more out of your data and take advantage of our “Smart Digitization” service, developed together with our partner invenio CT.

WebIQ Starter – Interactive Coaching And Getting Started

In order to give your developers and technicians a quick start into using the WebIQ HMI Toolbox, we offer tailor-made and interactive training. Get to know the Web HMI / SCADA Toolbox WebIQ and develop your first HMI or App. We give you a comprehensive introduction and deep insights, coupled with our many years of experience in the development of Web HMIs and industrial apps.

WebIQ Starter can also be used for decision-making and for reviewing WebIQ. Challenge us with your HMI / App and your specific questions.

Interaction & Graphical Design – Creation Of The User Interface And User Experience

You want easy-to use and innovative interactions for your web HMI and appealing design that fits your corporate identity (CI)? Are you looking for someone to support and drive your ideas? Our UX designers and HMI experts have extensive and relevant experience in designing web-based HMIs or industrial apps and dashboards.

Based on your requirements we develop an interaction concept and design your own individual web HMI. We analyze the context of use, develop the navigation and the interaction concept, design icons, graphics and HMI screens as well as document the HMI in a style guide, as a development specification or in the form of HTML5 templates. If necessary, we also carry out tests and optimizations of the HMI with end users in the form of a usability test. Make your HMI your business card!

Make your HMI to your stage!

HMI/App Development – Custom Widgets, Themes And The Initial HMI/App

If requested we support you with the development of your Web HMI or web app with WebIQ. Whether turn-key applications or just individual elements such as widgets, design themes, layout, interaction concepts, etc. Our experienced web developers, automation specialists and UX designers will assist you in all phases of development. We use the agile development method Scrum and work together in a development team with our customers as Product Owner. In the development sprints, you’ll see the product increments so you do not have to wait until the end to see your finished product.

This causes faster time-to-market and minimizes risk.

Coaching & Consulting – HMI/App-Architecture And More

Upon request our automation specialists advise and assist with data modeling, integration in OPC-UA environments, commissioning, creation of automated workflows for adaptive HMI configurations, etc. This also includes concepts for updating and servicing the software, connection to cloud systems (for example for predictive maintanance, predictive quality, etc.), databases and much more.

Smart Digitization – Get more information from your data

Together with our partner invenio Cognitive Technologies we have developed the Smart Digitization, especially for the small and medium-sized industry. Data from your production or from your machines are collected, stored and processed in such a way that they provide valuable information, such as Predictive Quality or Predictive Maintenance.

With the help of Toolbox WebIQ we visualize or distribute this information where you need it (on the HMI on the machine, on a mobile device or dashboard). Best of all: you data never leaves your company because we only work within a private cloud within the boundaries of your company.


User Interface Design GmbH (Ludwigsburg, Berlin, Dortmund, Mannheim, Munich) is one of the leading providers for the design and development of attractive and intuitive HMIs

invenio Cognitive Technologies (iCT) offers consulting and development of custom solutions for ​​Industry 4.0, IIoT, Networking, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.