Smart HMI is the creator of the web HMI system “WebIQ” and as such of course the best source for anything regarding WebIQ right from the source. Our developers and designers surely have the deepest understanding of WebIQ. That’s why with WebIQ you can get support right from the source.

Here at Smart HMI we not only develop our system further every day, we also support our customers in creating highly professional WebIQ-powered HMIs in many ways by offering…
…several support and training packages to dive deeper into WebIQ and get the first HMI done quickly
…HMI design services for the most professional and user-friendly design in cooperation design agencies
…the creation of custom widgets, layouts and packages that you can reuse time and again in as many HMIs as you like
…the creation of a complete HMI according to your requirements
…a mixture of all of the above just as you require

Our Made-To-Order Success Services

Although we always strive to make WebIQ more user-friendly with its intuitive drag&drop interface, widgets you can use without any programming knowledge and extensive documentation, sometimes it might be easier – and actually cheaper in the long run – to get a quick training to learn all of the tools WebIQ offers and start from there in creating your own HMI.

Instead of deep-diving into the extensive documentation why not tell us what you want to achieve with your HMI and let us show you exactly how this can be achieved? Our trainings focus heavily on your specific requirements – so no training is the same as we think that it makes sense to focus extensively on your specific requirements – it’s all tailored to your specific needs.

This is especially true if you have never used a web HMI before as you might tend to create an exact copy of your old HMI – missing out on all those great features WebIQ has to offer.

We want you to be successful and always strive to offer the best customer service and support possible.

Empowerment – Not Dependency

Let’s be honest here: the main focus of Smart HMI is the continuous development of WebIQ by adding new features and functionalities and making it easier to use every day to empower you to create the HMI you desire. WebIQ has not been created for the purpose of selling training, consulting and HMI creation services. Instead, we want you to become an avid user of and expert on WebIQ by empowering you.

As we have this out of the way now you probably understand that we take the word “empowerment” very seriously. We don’t want you to be dependent on us. We focus completely on open standards like OPC-UA, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. We like to teach you how to get the best results in the shortest amount of time, how you can use open web technologies and integrate readily available open-source tools and frameworks to save valuable time. We don’t like to reinvent the wheel over and over again if we can just use high-quality community-powered frameworks and tools. That’s the benefit of using modern open technologies.

Our Service Packages

We have split up the available services into three different packages:

Onboarding Basic

The most basic packages is suited well for small projects.

  • 1 hour technical WebIQ training

  • 1 hour WebIQ design training
  • 1 hour support for ad-hoc questions and development

€ 390


This is the recommended training to get you up and running as soon as possible even for more complex HMI systems.

  • 3 hours technical WebIQ training
  • 3 hours WebIQ design & layout training
  • 4 hours support

€ 1300


To get the full scoop we have to offer this is the package you should choose.

  • Technical analysis
  • Web HMI development
  • HMI integration into automation (PLC connectivity)
  • WebIQ training and ongoing HMI support
  • UX analysis
  • Interaction design
  • Graphical design
  • Design support

WebIQ Complete: The Tried & Proven Empowerment Process

With many different HMI projects already implemented by Smart HMI, the creators of WebIQ, this is the process we have come up with – and this is of course only a suggestion and can be adapted completely. If you only want some short training and continue from there on on your own journey that’s ok for us, too!

Design and UX services will be provided by our partner UID and would be intertwined with the services provided by Smart HMI in the following process:

Any Questions Left?

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Experience WebIQ For Yourself

With our free unlimited 30-day trial you can simply create your own HMIs easily. Sign up now for free and download your copy of WebIQ – you’ll also get access to all of our documentation and examples in our customer area.