WebIQ – the WEB HMI / SCADA Software Platform for ctrlX AUTOMATION

The creation of exceptional HMI Design with WebIQ – the Web HMI/Scada Software Platform for ctrlX AUTOMATION – this is our common approach for all our common customers.

The forward-looking 100% web-based visualization system WebIQ is developed by the expert team of Smart HMI. We are very proud to be a partner of the ctrlX World!

WebIQ for ctrlX CORE

WebIQ  is avalaible for the ultra-compact controller ctrlX CORE. You will find the two relevant components of WebIQ in the ctrlX App Store: WebIQ Designer (Engineering Tool) and WebIQ Server App (Runtime App) . To run WebIQ Designer with ctrlX CORE, you have to install  WebIQ Server App before.

WebIQ Designer (Engineering Tool)

WebIQ Designer  is the intuitive engineering tool to create and build exceptional HMI design solutions – without extensive programming knowledge:

  • Preinstalled styling functions and more than 50 HMI building blocks (widgets)
  • Responsive design right from the start
  • Intuitive “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” (WYSIWIG) layout editor
  • Creating individual web HMIs
  • Built on standard technology: HTML5 & OPC UA
  • Open programming interface to open-source and other third-party-software
  • Data acquisition from various sources plus storage in a local SQL database (edge-based)
  • Target system: your development PC
  • Operating system: Windows

WebIQ Server App (Runtime App)

The WebIQ Server App is the HMI Runtime App to run your Web HMI on your ctrlX AUTOMATION – either on your machine or in your plant – created with WebIQ Designer. There is no configuration required for the installation, all prerequisites for the WebIQ Server App will be installed automatically on ctrlX AUTOMATION once you download it.

  • Powerful web and websocket server
  • OPC-UA Interface
  • Secure TLS encryption *
  • User and rights management, ACL (access control lists)
  • Storing of events, alarms, historical alarms
  • Data recorder (trends, historical data manager)
  • Recipe manager
  • Powerful API for data and configuration access
  • Target system: your ctrlX CORE
  • Operating system: Linux Snap format

* This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (www.openssl.org).

Getting Support for WebIQ on ctrlX

Community Support

Do you have any WebIQ questions related to ctrlX? Looking for a WebIQ Forum? The ctrlX AUTOMATION Community presents you the WebIQ on ctrlX support forum.

Let other users of WebIQ on ctrlX help you get your problem resolved.

There you’ll also find many solutions already using the search functionality available.

Professional Support

Don’t want to wait until you get a reply from a community member or maybe even no reply at all because you have a specific question only the professionals from Smart HMI might be able to answer?

Want to get hands-on one-on-one support to solve your issues?

We offer specific support packages to suit your needs – small packages for the occasional support or larger packages for more complex support and services.