Improved Usability

WebIQ 2.15 brings a completely redesigned widget list for easier access to more than 60 included widgets and all of your custom widgets, widget templates and composites. We also added a search option so you can quickly find the widget you are looking for.

New keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly access all managers easily – there’s no need to open the menus anymore for navigating between the different managers of WebIQ Designer.

The improved hierarchy now not only shows all of the sub-elements of the selected widget – you can now also copy, move and delete multiple widgets at the same time.

CSS Modifiers

When using custom stylesheets in Code Manager you now have the ability to use multiple CSS classes inside a single stylesheet that will actually be selectable for CSS modifiers. In addition you can now directly see which CSS modifiers will be applied without having to open the modifier dialog.
Below this new list you can now directly configure the locking and visibility status of the widget.

Composite Widget

Widget configuration inside of composites that are modified by placeholders will now be highlighted, so you can directly see which widget attributes will be overwritten.

When adding placeholders to a composite widget you can now also select structures.


The new auto-complete functionality in WebIQ Designer has been added to the item selection, the list of UI actions and the CSS modifier lists.


You can now edit multiple localizations used in an IQ Text widget directly inside the localization dialog!
In the Alarm Manager you are now able to edit the corresponding alarm texts directly – without having to open the Localization Manager ever again!

IQ Styling: Copy, Paste & CSS

IQ Widgets now allow you to quickly copy the instance styles to another instance of the same widget. The IQ styles can also be converted into a stylesheet that can then be applied to other instances.

WebIQ Server

A Windows Active Directory server can now be used for logging into an HMI after setup. So single-sign-on is now also possible for your HMI if your company uses a Windows domain to authenticate your users. A detailed documentation is available on our website.

With all of these new features WebIQ 2.15 offers you should update right away now to get the best WebIQ experience.

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