WebIQ and PLCnext – A Synergy of Advanced Technologies

WebIQ, a cutting-edge web-based Human-Machine Interface (HMI) software, has recently become available on Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext system, ushering in a new era of flexibility and efficiency in industrial automation.

With the integration of WebIQ into the PLCnext ecosystem, users can now harness the power of intuitive and customizable web-based interfaces to monitor and control their industrial processes seamlessly. WebIQ brings a user-friendly approach to designing HMIs, allowing engineers and operators to create dynamic and responsive interfaces without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

One of the key advantages of WebIQ on the PLCnext system is its ability to enable remote monitoring and control. Users can access their HMI interfaces from any web-enabled device, providing insights into the operational status of their systems. This level of accessibility enhances decision-making processes and facilitates quick responses to any changes or issues that may arise on the factory floor.

Furthermore, WebIQ supports the integration of various data sources, allowing users to visualize data from any OPC-UA enabled device. This interoperability promotes a holistic view of the industrial processes, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of the system’s performance.

The combination of WebIQ with Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext system represents a synergy of advanced technologies, empowering industries to embrace the advantages of Industry 4.0. By bridging the gap between traditional programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and modern web-based interfaces, this collaboration facilitates a more streamlined and user-centric approach to industrial automation. As the demand for efficient, interconnected, and easily accessible automation solutions continues to grow, the integration of WebIQ on the PLCnext system stands as a testament to the commitment to innovation within the industrial automation sector.

Open for the future

Automation is currently experiencing an unprecedented paradigm shift worldwide. The digitalization, networking and globalization of economic and technical systems are creating new market requirements. Traditional system structures are evolving into globally networked production systems. The speed of innovation is increasing rapidly, technologies are converging and products and infrastructures are becoming more intelligent. Young engineers and software specialists are shaping new working methods and cloud and edge computing are making forward-looking industrial business models possible. For many companies, this means a rethink and changes in processes. Many further developments and innovations will arise primarily through communities and the creativity of many idea generators. Flexibility and efficiency will become an urgent requirement for all of us. This means reusing what has already been developed and proven and maximum openness. Openness of thought and openness of systems. That is why we have developed PLCnext Technology. PLCnext Technology is the open ecosystem that extends the use of a familiar PLC in a way that will change the future of industrial automation.

PLCnext Technology connects the IT and OT worlds

PLCnext Technology is the ecosystem for industrial automation, consisting of open hardware, modular engineering software, a global community and a digital software marketplace. This combination enables easy adaptation to changing requirements and efficient use of existing and future software services, swarm intelligence and technologies.

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is a global market leader with headquarters in Germany. The group of companies stands for pioneering products and solutions for the comprehensive electrification, networking and automation of all sectors of the economy and infrastructure. A global network in more than 100 countries with 22,000 employees guarantees the important proximity to the customer. With a wide-ranging and innovative product portfolio, we offer our customers future-proof solutions for various applications and industries. This applies in particular to the target markets of energy, infrastructure, industry and mobility.

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