WebIQ 2.7 – FreeStyle by using IQ Widgets

Widgets are basic modules of every HMI. Well-made widgets lead to better HMIs with optimal usability and allow efficient engineering. For this reason we revised the widget library in WebIQ release 2.7. We created a completely new generation of widgets which is unique on the market. Welcome to the IQ Widgets!

Video IQ Widgets: Discover the new Generation of Widgets 

Here are some of the main features of WebIQ 2.7:

Made for you by UX Experts

The IQ Widgets were developed by UX experts for industrial use. The experience of numerous HMI projects and the proven usability and web expertise of our Partner User Interface Design and Smart HMI has influenced the new generation of widgets.

Experience Diversity

IQ Widgets are smart and intelligent and they have more skills than you would expect. Most IQ widgets do not only consist of the actual control element, but also offer labeling, icon and unit options. Choose a layout variant from one of the many layouts that suits best. You can create your own individual widget with just a couple of clicks. That’s what we call efficient engineering.

Picture 1 Ten Layout Variants of the Rocker Button

Smart scaling

IQ Widgets also feature smart scaling. This is important if you are planning a responsive HMI design. The integrated grid ensures that IQ widgets provide a consistent image when they are arranged vertically or horizontally. The scaling behavior is also a relief in everyday life because it saves time that can be used for something more useful.

Fully styleable

Create your own individual widgets without any CSS knowledge! Choose from a large number of style options. Define fonts, styles, colors, gradients, borders, shadows and much more to make your widget distinctive.

Picture 2 One Button – Five Styles
(all styles created without any CSS coding)

What to expect next?

The color scheme of the IQ Widgets is tough. It is based on the themes of material design, i.e. with a few basic colors you can create a completely new theme. At the moment you still need CSS. But in one of the next WebIQ releases we will integrate theme editing functionality in WebIQ Designer.

A strong combination: IQ Widgets and Composite Widgets

In interaction with the composite widgets that we introduced with WebIQ 2.6, the IQ widgets show their full strength. Create your own widget library with an individual design based on the IQ Widgets. With the help of arrays and structures introduced in version 2.6, you can organize the connection of the composite widgets to your control system intelligently and efficiently.

Picture 3 Composite Widget containing 5 IQ Widgets

Users who registered for a free WebIQ account can find further information on improvements and bug fixes in the change log for version WebIQ 2.7.