WebIQ 2.4 – Just work together!

WebIQ 2.4 is now available and brings a new and interesting feature

We have come a long way closer to our goal of making WebIQ the most user-friendly tool for creating web-based HMIs! As announced in the release of WebIQ 2.3, we have optimized the installation and sharing of apps and packages directly from the WebIQ Designer, but also expanded the scope of standard widgets. Here is a brief overview:

Import / export of layout structures

So far, working together on a WebIQ project has become rather cumbersome because, for example, it’s very difficult for multiple users to work on a project at the same time. With version WebIQ 2.4 this has been significantly improved! Layout structures (entire container or just individual widgets) can now be exported or imported via a context menu as a WebIQ layout file.

  • Export / import of structures directly from the hierarchy into a WebIQ Layout File

Import of new projects as a ZIP file

In addition to the import / export of individual structures, the integration of existing WebIQ projects in the WebIQ Designer has been simplified. Version WebIQ 2.3 has already been used to download projects as a ZIP file. Now WebIQ 2.4 also offers the possibility to import projects directly into the WebIQ Designer via ZIP file upload.

  • Upload projects to the project list as a ZIP file

New widgets

The archive of standard widgets has been expanded by three new widgets:

Datetime Display

With the new Datetime Display, it is possible to display item date values ​​in various formats. The user can enter the item’s source date format in a suggested pattern or use a UNIX timestamp. Likewise, the output format can be selected. By creating a “comparison item”, it is also possible to make statements about the relative or absolute time between item and “comparison item”. The relative time is given in weeks, hours, days, minutes or seconds.

  • Display of dates
  • Default value here is the local time zone of the system (e.g., CET / CEST)
  • Changeover to UTC possible


By integrating the new User-Info widget, you now have the option of displaying the user name or, alternatively, the first and last name of the user logged in to the WebIQ App as well as the group to which it has been assigned.

  • Display of the user within the app


The Progress-info widget compares absolute numbers. There is an input field for an “Item” and a “Comparison Item”. When displaying, you can choose whether the display should only be text (numerical values), bars or both.

  • Comparison of two numerical values
  • Output representation as text or bar
  • UI Action Manager

UI-Actions Manager

Within the Code Manager, it will be possible to create user-specific UI actions in the future. In the UI Action Manager, the desired action is first provided with names and the corresponding parameters. The user now has the option of editing the UI action in the Code Editor, which was created in the same way as the already known LocalScript editor.

  • Create, edit and delete user-specific UI actions
  • Javascript Editor

WebIQ 2.4.- There is more to discover …