There’s one more reason to enjoy the summer as we have just released WebIQ 2.12! With a lot of improvements and bug fixes there are a few notable features we’d like to point out to you. So why not grab a drink, lean back and read what we’ve done for you?

New WebIQ Designer Browser Preview

WebIQ Designer always featured a built-in preview, however it also had some things missing for many users:

  • it cannot be used from another device like a smartphone or a tablet to test the HMI easily
  • it automatically logs the user in as the default app user making it unable to test with different users without publishing first

Previously, to see any changes made in WebIQ Designer on a different system or device you’d have to publish the app, start it in the local server and then reload the app on that target device.

With WebIQ 2.12 these days are finally gone! Not only can you access any app currently loaded in the WebIQ Designer workspace from any device on your network – you also see the changes instantly without requiring a publish. Just change something in WebIQ Designer like adding a widget, reload the HMI in the browser and you see the changes immediately. This should save you a lot of time!

To access the browser preview simply click on the corresponding button and it will open the preview running by default on http://localhost:10124 (you can also use this URL directly of course):

Browser Cache Time Now Configurable

Whenever you updated an app on the runtime system you’d normally have to empty the browser cache on all systems displaying the HMI. This is because the default cache time for WebIQ HMIs has been set to 24 hours so a browser will not contact the server within that timeframe for resources like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. As this required more time after HMI updates we have now not only lowered the cache time to 60 seconds by default, we also made it configurable in the WebIQ System & License Manager you can reach on http://localhost:10123:

Better Runtime Configuration

We also added the configuration of user, listener and log settings directly to the System & License Manager for ease of use. This way there’s no need to use command line tools anymore to change these values – instead you can configure these settings directly in your browser on the runtime system!

Even More Inside

With all those time-saving features we also managed to include these changes in this release:

  • the Remote Manager now fully supports TLS connections – if you’re using HTTPS on your runtime system you can now connect with WebIQ Designer even if you’re not using official but self-signed or expires TLS certificates
  • We also improved the UI of the Overlay Keyboard making it easier to use
  • OPC UA timestamps from the server can now be used, but be sure to read the documentation¬†before using this feature

Of course there’s a lot more we’ve included in this release – get the full scoop in the changelog!

If you haven’t tested WebIQ yet there’s no better time to start!

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