In recent years, one could clearly observe: Web HMIs are on the rise, also for industrial applications on EMBEDDED SYSTEMS. They are a trending topic and currently represent one of the most advanced forms of HMIs available on the market. Especially because they offer some advanced features that are not easily possible with traditional HMI systems.

There are some arguments in favor of web visualization, such as

  • Efficient development and extensive styling options
  • Reponsive design, i.e. automatic adaptation to different screen sizes and orientations
  • Easy extensibility and modularization
  • Etc.

Most importantly, Web HMIs are platform-independent. This means that a Web HMI can run anywhere a standard web browser runs, without any plug-ins or extensions. Platform independence and Responsive Design mean FLEXIBILITY, nowadays a weighty argument in times of supply difficulties for electronic components.

At the Embedded World 2022 in Nuremberg, two partners present how it works

  • DH electronics: Specialist for individual embedded systems
  • Smart HMI: Experts for web visualization

Four times the same Web HMI, just styled differently with WebIQ

DH electronics presents a customized computer and visualization unit with 10” PCAP touch for laboratory and measurement applications, as well as for industrial visualizations. The standard unit DHMI 10.1 serves as a basis for this. For data acquisition and processing the powerful DHCOM i.MX8M Plus SOM is used, which is additionally equipped with a powerful GPU and NPU. The display signals are sent via FDP link to a separate rotatable and tiltable display. Since there is no CPU in the display unit itself, costs, energy and maintenance are reduced.

Running on top of this is a web HMI from Smart HMI, which was developed using the WebIQ Web Visualization System. WebIQ combines typical functions of a HMI/ SCADA system with the possibilities of innovative web technology and allows the creation of the web HMIs without any web know-how at all.

What does the WebIQ demo include?

The WebIQ demo runs on the 10.1” touch display in a web browser in kiosk mode, i.e. the usual browser controls are hidden. Only the web HMI is visible. This contains

  • Various design examples for web HMIs
  • Alarm list and alarm display
  • Trend value display
  • Language switching
  • Recipe list and editor
  • Chart display
  • 3D display with web technology
  • Integration of open source web frameworks Example OpenBridge)
  • As well as a number of HMI references

Display of trend values with WebIQ

It’s Your Turn

Just try out the interaction between modern embedded hardware and the WebIQ demo yourself at the DH electronics booth. You can navigate between the pages and try out the different functions. See what happens.

You can find DH electronics at the Embedded World 2022 exhibition, Hall 2, Booths 2-101 and 2-103, from June 21-23, 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany. On June 21, Smart HMI experts will be at the DH electronics booth to answer your questions directly. Make an appointment at For more information and your voucher for free admission, visit the Embedded World information page at DH electronics here.

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