We are happy to serve a cup of freshly brewed WebIQ 2.11. After some time in the making – whether “roasting” is an approriate term for that is disputed – the new release brings many new features and a lot of bugfixes.

The first thing you’ll probably notice…

WebIQ Designer now no longer requires you to login. If you update from a previous version you only have to login once after installation – for new installations you never actually see the login form. We hope that this makes you as happy as us 😊

We also changed the default login page for an app in the browser which now uses a fresh design and even includes your app preview image so you can customize the login screen easily!

Licensing Improvements

First of all, the licensing system has been improved a lot:

  • WebIQ Designer is now using floating licenses by default – that means you can use a single license on multiple systems, though not at the same time (requires permanent internet connection)
  • Floating licenses can be checked out for offline use for a maximum of 30 days
  • Multi-user licenses can now be issued – you can for example request a 5-user-license which will get you a single license key that can be used on up tp 5 systems
  • New licenses are issued as license keys – something you know from e.g. Microsoft Windows already – this makes it a lot easier to handle and forward licenses to colleagues and departments
  • Licenses can now be combined – if you order a Client Pack for example to extend the number of concurrent client connections you will not have to change the complete Runtime license – you can simple use the license key for the Client Pack on the system for activation to extend the current license
  • WebIQ Server can now be completely licensed for use in Docker containers

We have seen a lot of requests which asked us to change the maximum number of items in the free version for testing. We have thus decided to change the free license for testing which was limited to only 30 items to a normal WebIQ Designer license (with inifinte items etc.) and instead limit the license to 30 days for testing. These can be extended upon request if that time does not suffice for testing your project.

Legacy licenses that have been purchased before will of course continue to work.

Trend Widget Update

Including a trend display widget inside your HMI is something that almost every WebIQ user is used to. We have improved the Trend Display widget with these new features:

  • The total number of trend curves that can be shown at the same time has been changed from 5 to 10
  • When selecting another trend curve or changing the date the Trend Display widget will no longer jump back to the live mode

Notable Changes And Improvements

  • Widgets
    • New IQ Recipe List widget as an alternative to the IQ Recipe Select widget to show and be able to select existing recipes
  • UI Actions
    • New UI Action “composite-placeholders” which allows you to change Composite Widget placeholders at runtime
    • New UI Action for importing and exporting recipes
    • The IQ User Info widget now also supports UI Actions
  • WebIQ Server
    • The new WebIQ System & License Manager is now available on which will allow you to activate and manage your licenses – this will be extended in the future
  • Miscellaneous
    • “Publish a Copy” now also offers to rename the app title
    • Globally defined CSS modifier classes can now be identified in modifier dialogs by the “globe” icon

We hope you like the new release as much as we do – and if you haven’t tried it yet why don’t give it a try?

Click here to view the full changelog for this release

And now – enjoy your WebIQ coffee! ☕