The WebIQ HMI platform received the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award for 2023, as recognized by Control Engineering China. This recognition comes among a pool of 200 fresh product offerings from various industry manufacturers.

WebIQ stands out as a fully web-based HMI system, boasting complete responsiveness and cross-platform compatibility. Thanks to WebIQ’s utilization of open network technologies such as OPC-UA, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, along with its responsive design, HMIs can operate seamlessly across web interfaces, smartphones, and tablets. What sets it apart is the user-friendly approach to application development, as it permits drag-and-drop configuration instead of necessitating intricate coding. With an array of more than 60 included widgets at one’s disposal, programming expertise is not a prerequisite.

WebIQ’s user base includes internationally acclaimed firms, such as prominent German automotive manufacturers, pneumatic component producers, and automation equipment integrators. The brainchild of Smart HMI GmbH, a German enterprise acquired by Beijer Electronics, WebIQ has garnered significant traction in the market.

Yves Li, the Sales Director of Beijer Electronics China, commented, “In the rapidly growing field of platform-independent web technology driven by market demand, Beijer Electronics has successfully integrated the WebIQ software platform, achieving a balance between IT’s low-code, lightweight nature and OT’s real-time, secure aspects. This has further enriched Beijer Electronics’ product portfolio in the industrial automation sector, providing customers with a more comprehensive range of choices.”

The award ceremony took place on September 20 during the Global Automation and Manufacturing Summit organized by Control Engineering, with an audience of more than 2,000 industry professionals. This event ranks as one of the most authoritative evaluations for products in the fields of industrial control, automation, and instrumentation in China. The award recipients are determined through anonymous reader voting, offering valuable insights for technical upgrades and product selection across a wide spectrum of users.

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