Want to get a very detailed step-by-step introduction into WebIQ on ctrlX that covers all the steps from an empty HMI up to a complete HMI with a trend display, gauges, buttons and a connection to an OPC-UA server?

Software developer, influencer and online educator Rajvir Singh – founder of Code & Compile – has created a two-part video series that shows you exactly how to do that.

After first giving an introduction to WebIQ and showing you how to download and install WebIQ you’ll be able to create a new project together with him immediately. In this project you will start with creating a WebIQ HMI that contains a header, footer and content area and is fully responsive because it’s using all of the WebIQ features for responsive design built in from the start.

You’ll also see how you can use a panel (in this case a Swipe Panel widget) to split your HMI into several areas and how to connect your HMI to an OPC-UA data source. You’ll also see how you can quickly import items from an OPC-UA server into WebIQ, how to integrate trend widgets after creating a recorder to record the corresponding data to be visualized.

You’ll also learn about labels and units and why you should setup those with the item so that they will be used automatically by each widget when assigning the item to it which saves a lot of precious time.

Finally, you’ll see how to easily transfer the project to your ctrlX CORE via WebIQ’s built-in Remote Manager and how you can start and stop an HMI project in WebIQ Server.

This is illustrated in part 2 by a conveyor that can be started and stopped through the HMI and also contains a scanner for counting the number of objects that went through – for this a connection to a Siemens S7-1500 is shown which is connected through OPC-UA to WebIQ within a few simply steps.

With an addition of alarms and showing how to create a dialog the very detailed tutorial comes to an end.

Just see for yourself and create the HMI together with him here:

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